Starship Conquistador

When powerful and mysterious alien spaceships start attacking the exploration and mining vessels and abducting their crew, the Nestorian Republic realizes that it faces an enemy whose weapons and technology it cannot equal.

But there may be hope. The faraway Starfire Empire has guaranteed protection but the journey is treacherous and there are forces both within the republic and the empire who don’t want to help the beleaguered Nestorians.

But one Commodore Raptor is on his way with his Starship Conquistador. Armed to the teeth, built to conquer and carrying secret weapons even its crew doesn’t know about, it will have to dare the aliens all alone. But only if it can cross the vast swaths of deep space, for there are great powers waiting in ambush and the clock is ticking as a massive invasion fleet from the uncharted space prepares to descend upon the capital planet, Nestor.

Will Starship Conquistador fight its way and reach in time…

Battleship Avenger

Commodore Raptor and Starship Conquistador reach Nestor…barely in time to face a massive invasion from Mercurian Empire’s fleet. They will have to rely on their guts, their wits, and a few secret weapons to pull off a victory.

General Bakus of Nestorian Republic vows revenge and is planning to strike back against the Mercurians with his newest Battleship. But he has no support, no backing, and no reinforcements. He will have to take Battleship Avenger across the uncharted space all alone and strike at an unknown foe that may be far more powerful than anyone has imagined.

Meanwhile, conspiracies are brewing everywhere across the galaxy. War Hero Antrar searches for a secret organization known as ‘Lambda Man’ and its possible connection to the ambush on the Starship; Roofus stumbles across a clue indicating that there may be more conspirators behind the coup. And the most explosive revelation will come from Alvina that might change everything Raptor has believed about her and their mission.

Battleship Avenger takes on Mercurian Empire…

Megaship Maverick

A Titanic clash of two Great Galactic Powers is about to begin!

Mercurian Empire dispatches its legendary Grand Admiral to conquer Nestorian Republic and to thrash Starfirians and he starts amassing a large invasion fleet.

Nestorian Republic is descending into chaos and civil war as the Election Day nears and Roofus closes in on the identity of the man behind the coup.

Commodore Raptor has disappeared in deep space, but the conspirators have hired the dangerous mercenaries of Dark Star Company to attack and seize his starship; Tollvyk must rescue Alvina from the clutches of arrogant Segwyk and Detective Rockvyk carries out a covert investigation to discover the top conspirator pulling the strings of Lambda Man, a secret army organization.

But Starfirians are unaware that a colossal Mercurian Fleet is gunning for them…

Machine Planet

The Final Weapon to Rule the Galaxy…

The Ultimate Weapon to Conquer All Space…

The Machine Planet!

Mercurian Empire invades Starfire Nation with thousands of starships and hopes to knock out the final obstacle in its path to sole dominance. Stardjacker infiltrates the Mercurian flagship with the hopes to discover the nefarious scheme at the heart of Mercurian aggression. Detective Rockvyk reveals the identity of the puppet master behind the secret organization Lambda Man and Commodore Raptor faces a dilemma of choosing between his honor and his reputation.

And other Galactic Powers stand on the verge of entering the war.

But as the galaxy descends into war and turmoil, the biggest danger may come from the Outer Edges…

An entire planet converted into a single war machine and a war factory… Who made it? For what purpose?

It matters not, for the Machine Planet is on a tear and will destroy every starfleet that stands in its