The Storm Maker

There are those who dream of reviving an ancient empire and one will dare hatch a secret plot to this end by starting the construction of a ‘Storm-Maker’: a super-weapon that can create hurricanes and tornadoes. And he will have the support of elite ranger units and spies who share his vision.

They will stop at nothing to bring their plot to fruition. They will rob banks, they will kidnap scientists and they will engage in massive gunfights with anyone who stands in their path.

But there are those who will confront this mad scheme at great risk to their own lives.

Top Detective Sayett who has been assigned the out of control bank robbery cases, rising politician Slyntya Karwyk who is appointed to oversee the investigation and her husband who is a national hero: Colonel Sthykar of the Mountain Army.

As their investigation turns deadly with ambushes and kidnappings, the dream of the plotters stands on the verge of becoming a reality. Boss Hantex’s Storm-Maker is rapidly approaching completion and if it goes live it will unleash the mother of all hurricanes – the likes of which has never been seen before.

The only way to stop it may be a helicopter attack right through the Eye of the Storm!

War Machine

An Epic struggle for power between the world’s most powerful country – Narducat Empire – and the world’s most dangerous country – Starfire Kingdom – takes a terrifying turn into a mad dash to become the world’s first atomic power.

As Narducat Imperial Fleet invades Karaln Nation, whose scientists alone have mastered the deep mysteries of Atom; Starfire Kingdom’s only hope maybe finding a secret base of Karaln scientists, hidden inside an occupied territory watched over by fearsome Imperial Special Army.

Colonel Sthykar of Starfire has been tasked to lead his Mountain Army for a rescue operation deep behind enemy lines, while Detective Sayett rushes to unravel a plot involving almost a hundred spies, a plot which threatens to morph into the largest act of sabotage on Starfire territory.

One Man Army

In this Second and Final Volume, the Narducat Empire launches the largest invasion fleet in the history to attack Starfire Kingdom and prepares an atomic strike on Starfire’s experimental reactor.

It is a race towards destiny, as Starfire’s own program rapidly approaches completion and it gets ready for the epic battle.

It is a titanic clash of armies and machines where the warriors will dare all for the victory; from aerial strikes on to the decks of the enemy ships to a mad plan to sink a gigantic six-decked airplane carrier, from the steel shattering showdown of the tanks to the booming battle of the artillery, and above all a test of mettle and a collision of will between the Empire Builders and the Steppe Warriors.

And in this Panoramic War Epic filled with a Kaleidoscopic cast of characters such as Colonel ”IronHeart” and ”The Ringmaster” Colonel Sthykar of Starfire is the most dangerous man in the world and with a half-million-man army racing to stop him – he is coming to the Imperial Capital with the most dangerous weapon ever created.

An Absolute Slobberknobber of a War!